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FOURTEEN hundred years ago, a brilliant geneticist by the name of Dr. Halbert Listae attempted to create a race of protectors for a world full of danger--specifically, the dangers that were engineered in a lab by other scientists such as himself. The regions of the Eastern Empire are united under the control of Emperor Alaric, an anti-Arcane monarch. He rules a land in which electricity no longer exists as part of society. Planes, trains, and automobiles are gone--only horse carts and carriages pass in the streets. Much of the world is in shambles, Africa is nothing but a battlefield, but a few centers of culture and society remain. Aife Llewellyn is a street fighter with ambitions of battlefield glory. After her twin is taken as Supply for the war that ravages north Africa, she focuses on nothing but following him to the wasteland of death. When her dreams come true, she finds a reality she never fathomed. As her twisted family history is revealed, she builds a new dream and a new life in the City of Victorious Hope. In a world where science created new humans and new animals, she finds her place amongst the famed shadow warriors that are the Arcane Police.

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