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Arcane Humans

FOURTEEN hundred years ago, a brilliant geneticist by the name of Dr. Halbert Listae attempted to create a race of protectors for a world full of danger. Specifically, the dangers that were engineered in a lab by other scientists such as himself. His first attempt was considered a failure by himself and his peers. Using the chemical whitado, he created Wintrettes, but the new humans were volatile and overly hostile. Unfortunately, the lab the specimens were being contained in was compromised, allowing the escape of the Wintrettes and multiple other dangerous species, such as the Myrwolves. The second attempt, however, was a success. Five families volunteered and began the great race of the Arcane Humans. Their purpose was to protect citizens from the escaped experiments they were created alongside. They received genetic modifications such as endurance, enhanced hearing, sight, smell, speed, and strength (to an extent).

Basic Information


Human, but genetically enhanced. Longer lifespan, increased physical and mental abilities.

Biological Traits

Life span of up to 250 years; high percentage of twins; as diverse as fullhumans, but are descended from five families: Blaire, Holub, Grey, Cordwood, and Blackthorne

Genetics and Reproduction

Everything is the same as fullhumans except birth mortality rates and the chance of having twins. Arcanes, especially the Blair line, are prone to having twins. Also, Arcanses females tend to give birth younger and die more often than their non-enhanced counterparts. Arcane genes are dominant up to a 1/16 dilution (5th generation).

Ecology and Habitats

We'll go with cities/regions here. The Arcanes have a few strongholds in the East including Biritor Obaith and the Hidden City.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Arcanes have an understandably higher metabolism than fullhumans. It is therefore difficult to find an overweight Arcane (but not impossible. Just look at the Council). Also, Arcanes cannot get drunk except by extremely potent alcohols (95% alcohol or higher). A brunado drink can aid them in healing.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Depends on which family

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Everywhere, but concentrated in northern Eastern Empire, Obaith, and Northal

Average Intelligence

Extremely high, especially when it comes to fighting instincts

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Depending on the Family (ancestry), Arcanes can have enhanced sight, hearing, speed, memory, strength, and multiple other qualities. They all received the same base modifications, but each family had one sense heightened more than others.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Names are everything. Your name has no meaning, your life has no meaning. Usually, names are chosen to have strong warrior-like characteristics. Either that or the first and middle are completely contradictory (see Megan Megedagik). Also, females have an 'e' on the end of their last name (see Aanjaye, Greye, Holublaire). Original family last names have grown scarcer, as Arcanes have interbred with fullhumans.

Major Organizations

Arcane Legion (main fighting force, never unified until Aife becomes Chief Commander General) Council of the Arcane Human Force (main governing body) Estate of Biruitor Obaith (residence of the Lord of Biruitor, who is historically the possessor of the 'Loyal Lord's Seal' Educational College of Biruitor Obaith (premier school in the Eastern Empire; run by the Estate)

Beauty Ideals

Strong, athletic, and fierce. Scars are to be admired, muscles to be praised. Long hair for both men and women is a sign of strength and braided in 'warrior braids' of various fashions.

Gender Ideals

Females are valued as much as men. They are not equals in the sense that they are the same, but that they each have unique qualities to contribute. This is frowned on by literally every other society, including both Eastern, Western, and Eidurnian cultures.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship happens on the battlefield and patrols in between. You find someone strong and you hold on to them. In all, it is not overly formal. The head of the family should be informed, but consent is not needed. Courtship tends to happen young (ages 16-20) because most Arcanes do not survive to reach their thirties.

Relationship Ideals

Arcanes are inherently loyal creatures and therefore tend to mate for life. Wedding ceremonies are based around warrior cultures, and are simple pledges of loyalty. Children are usually produced quickly due to low life expectancy. Most children are not raised by their parents, but by elders or schools.

Average Technological Level

The most technologically advanced of the races, but keep their knowledge hidden. The world has reverted back to pre-electricity times, so there is not much. Not even the knowledge of gunpowder escaped the Eradication. Arcanes, however, have this knowledge once more thanks to their advanced minds.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Sindron (created in the labs by the Wintrish and Arcanese families. It is forbidden for this language to be taught to fullhumans) Esset (basically the name for the world's most common language)

Common Etiquette Rules

Arcanes are all raised to have military etiquette and demeanors from childhood.

Common Dress Code

Armour: entails multiple layers of undergarments, bases, leathers, and finally metals. Formal Uniforms: Worn primarily in Council meetings, it is comprised of variations based on Region. From wool to fur to leather, they are military dress uniforms. Women tend to be practical and wear pants. Wolf coat: an Arcane's first accomplishment is their wolf coat. Before their training is complete (usually around age nine or ten), young Arcanes hunt and kill their first Myrwolf, which is then turned into a cloak and presented to them. It is the mark of a warrior, and no Arcane can join a patrol without one.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Oh boy. I need my other notebook for this one.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Arcane Ball: the largest gathering f Arcanes in one place, the Ball takes place every year on Winter Solstice at the Estate House. It is a night of socialization, politics, and planning. The Blackheart: a dance that is performed by a couple at the Arcane Ball. It tells the story of two Arcanese lovers tragically separated by war. It is a love story and a mesmerizing sight to behold. Wolf Coat Ceremony: the time when a young warrior receives their wolf coat and is officially accepted as a warrior.

Historical Figures

Dr. Halbert Listae: creator of the Arcanes Damaris Holublaire-Leoline: Queen of the Eastern Empire; wife of Emperor Alaric; daughter of Chieftain Lupei Holublair; mother of Aife Adelaide and Donovan Caelin Aife Adelaide Llewellyn: Queen of Northal; Chief Commander General of the Arcane Legion Greyson Kahlan Aanjay: King of Northall; General of the Arcane Human Forces Kilian Olivia Quinn: Estelle (Princess) of the Eastern Empire Ellianna Marmieasetta Blancoe: Leader of the Lones (assassin) Jairdan Einar: Main of the College; member of the King's Council ADD IN THE HOLUB AND BLAIRE COUPLE

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Persecuted by the Leoline family; Archenemies of the Wintrettes. They have a fairly stable relationship with the American West.
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens arcanus
25 years
Average Height
Average Weight
140-200 lbs
Average Physique

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