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The Unified Kingdoms, the native lands of five races who have joined an alliance under a human rule. The empress sits atop her throne, the twenty year old woman having ruled for five years. Lizbeth has had a very successfull rule, much of the groundwork was put down by her father, but the biggest boost to the UK first rained down around a colony two years ago.   Sunstones they are called. Blessings from Allon, made from magic. Through offerings they can be turned into bloodstones. Reagents able to infuse mundane items with magical properties. It surely is a wondrous time to be alive. Twenty years ago, gunpower was first exported from the dwarven kingdoms, seventy years ago, the first spell was cast. New discoveries pop up every day, the UK prosper.   The influx has helped the UK immensely, new magical artifacts push the eastern front further every day, the enemy is fighting with desperation to hold their ground. Another few years, and we might look at the end of the war with the Khans, and an end to consription.

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