Wizard’s Grace

Owing to its proximity to Breachill Town Council, the Wizard’s Grace tavern is the favored establishment of many adventurers who wish to seek work from the council in the Burgher's Commission. Here, adventurers and municipal workers regularly mingle, exchanging stories and generally enjoying the atmosphere created by the diverse clientele. In the days leading up to each council meeting, the tavern is particularly busy, as adventurers schmooze with town officials and even the occasional council member who might show up for a drink and a meal. Before each meeting, the inn’s tavern has a long-standing tradition of holding toasts and serving meals of boar stew with lentils—a practice owner Trinil Uskwold highly encourages, as her grandfather, himself a prominent local adventurer, loved eating that meal before embarking on his own many daring journeys. Because of the politics of socializing here, the crowd tends to be both well-mannered and chatty, though occasionally a brash adventurer or two gets rowdy.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant


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