Evocations capture magical energy and then shape it to harm your foes or protect your allies. Evocation spells often have a trait that comes from the type of damage they deal, such as acid, cold, fire, force, or sonic.



  • Acid Splash - You splash a glob of acid that splatters creatures and objects alike.
  • Electric Arc- An arc of lightning leaps from one target to another.
  • Light- An object glows, casting bright light in a 20-foot radius (and dim light for the next 20 feet) like a torch.
  • Mage Hand- You create a single magical hand, either invisible or ghostlike, that grasps the target object and moves it slowly up to 20 feet.
  • Prestidigitation- The simplest magic does your bidding. You can perform simple magical effects for as long as you Sustain the Spell.
  • Produce Flame - A small ball of flame appears in the palm of your hand, and you lash out with it either in melee or at range.
  • Ray of Frost- You blast an icy ray.
  • Telekinetic Projectile-You hurl a loose, unattended object that is within range and that has 1 Bulk or less at the target.

1st Level

  • Burning Hands- Gouts of flame rush from your hands.
  • Hydraulic Push - You call forth a powerful blast of pressurized water that bludgeons the target and knocks it back.
  • Gust of Wind- A violent wind issues forth from your palm, blowing from the point where you are when you cast the spell to the line’s opposite end.
  • Magic Missile- You send a dart of force streaking toward a creature that you can see.

2nd Level

  • Darkness - You create a shroud of darkness that prevents light from penetrating or emanating within the area.
  • Final Sacrifice
  • Telekinetic Maneuver - With a rush of telekinetic power, you move a foe or something they carry.

3rd Level

  • Fireball - A roaring blast of fire appears at a spot you designate.
  • Lightning Bolt- A bolt of lightning strikes outward from your hand

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