Dogrim's Crag

Droskar's Crag is an active volcano located in northern Andoran, in the region known as Darkmoon Vale. Part of the Five Kings Range (although not claimed by the dwarven nation of the Five Kings Mountains), the mountain consists of two primary peaks known as the Hammer and the Anvil; the Hammer reaches 28,822 feet in altitude, while the Anvil—which hosts the active crater known as Rovagug's Caldera—is 28,305 feet tall and grows by about 1 1/2 feet per year. These heights make Droskar's Crag the tallest known active volcano on Golarion and the Five Kings Range's tallest mountain.[1]   Several rivers originate or are fed from glaciers on the Crag, including the Coldforge River (from the Coldforge glacier), the Slagiron River (from the Slagiron glacier), and the Goldmelt River (from the Gold glacier). The crag also hosts the East Gold, Sunset, Silver, Peakcrest, Eastrise, and Deaddrop glaciers.[2]   The volcano last erupted in 3980 AR in a massive explosion known as the Rending, which transformed the entire region. At the time, Droskar's Crag was known as Torag's Crag, though its name was changed to reflect the more hostile nature of the volcano since that time (the evil dwarven god Droskar is the patron of endless toil and suffering). To date, it has shown no major activity, though the peaks constantly spew ash and smoke into the air as a constant reminder of the threat that exists beneath the snow-capped mountain.
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