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Story: Ethoviel's lost trail

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Once a nobody’s land, consisting of scattered bandit camps that had to protect themselves from the many skirmishes carried out by the bordering nations. It was a contested land. For years their camps were raided and plundered, seeing or hearing from others that their loved ones got taken away, the only thing they could do was to mourn or grief because they were not armed nor skilled enough against the mighty nations surrounding this untamed land. This changed after the discovery of the unknown power hidden within the land for many ages. They used this power to their advantage and finally gained the courage to strike back.   Within its 2,800 years of reign, the Ethoviel Empire had faced many threats varying from the occasional bandit attacks to coups carried out by professionals, following the orders of backstabbing nobles. However, yet another threat emerged from its slumbers. This is different from the others. The few remaining cursed World hermits in the world of Eassaeriel, carry visions. Visions that lead to future events, may it be fortune or despair. Fifty years later and the Empire still dominates the entire continent. The said threat has not been revealed. The Ethoviel Empire holds the other kingdoms-- its vassals-- by its strong leashes. But are more cautious than ever before. Awaiting for the unknown threat.   This story follows a young adventurer, born from uncertainty but raised by a Mulahakarian tribe. Lust for knowledge and exploration, he travels to the largest and the only Empire on the continent, the Evothiel Empire His destiny... already recorded and known to the remaining hermits.

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