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Stormspire, the first city was built by the explorers to the new world who came to this continent in search of resources after having exhausted almost everything in their old one and that had descended into constant war and chaos. Humans were the original races that came over. In this new land, they found races already existing - Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Orcs, Goliath, Aarakockra, so on and so forth. Humans being the more industries and fast growing race that they are, built a city on the cliffs they first landed in and named it Stormspire for the mountains and the storms that constants besieged them. In this land, they found ample food in the form of fishing and farming and a lot of mines in the mountains. The other races slowly moved in as well and also bred with the humans and new races came to be - half elves, half orcs and halflings. Now, we are at the turn of the millenium. A thousand years after the arrival of humans and the world was booming will life. Our story begins here.

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