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Welcome to Statera

Statera, a once heavenly and magical world, is now a fractured land, tainted by the essence of a dead God. Empires engage in a game of political intrigue, form uneasy alliances and trade dark secrets, all for the purpose of expanding their territory and wealth. Seeking riches and fame, adventurers hunt for forgotten artifacts of unimaginable powers, putting their lives and souls in the grasp of ancient evils and scheming monarchs. No one can keep their hands clean if they want to survive in Statera.  

The World of Statera

  The world is divided into vast territories, separated by ill-defined borders and ruled by mighty empires. Large cities are separated by vast distances and the small frontier settlements closer to the borders are forced to fend for themselves or fall to the dangers of bandits, monsters, or even worse.  
The World of Statera
  Ardyn   Being the largest continent in the world of Statera, Ardyn consists of a single massive landmass with the most varied landscape and diverse population. Formerly united under the control of the vast and mighty Besithia Empire, Ardyn is now divided among three major factions: the Proditor Empire, the Corleonis Concord, and the Kingdom of Gaelodran. From the barren Frozen Badlands of the North to the scorching Great Sand Sea in the South, countless mysteries and secrets are waiting to be discovered by adventurers seeking fame and fortune.     Barakor   According to the legends passed down through the ages, Ardyn and Barakor were once a single, much larger continent. When the World Serpent was slain during the Genesis War, his colossal body fell to the earth and split the land into two halves, forming the Serpent Sea. Barakor is home to Vallahir, the largest mountain range in Statera, which also houses the vast subterranean metropolis of Kuldutharn. North of Vallahir is the Outlands, the mysterious jungle untouched by civilization for countless centuries, where ancient and powerful beasts reign supreme. Other than the great dwarven bastions of Kuldutharn, Barakor is divided between the Vulpes Trading Coalition, who controls the Eastern jungles, and the Kingdom of Ang Gijak'ishi, who controls the plains and Valladrin mountain to the South.     Dôr Edhellen   More commonly known as the Crescent Isles to outsiders, Dôr Edhellen means "Land of the Elves" in Common and is home to one of the largest, oldest, most influential empires to have ever existed: the Eldarion Dominion. Dôr Edhellen also boasts the greatest forest in the world, Lindórien, which is rumored to be the source of life and magic for the elves. To the south of the continent is the Island of Altáriel, where a cataclysmic disaster known as the Sundering of the Sky decimated the only city of the dark elves, forcing them to go into exile.     Isles of Daggers   The Isles of Daggers can be considered the capital of the world of crime, where anything is available for the right price. Being a true haven for thieves, assassins, fugitives, smugglers, and pirates, the fragile balance of power on the Isles is maintained by the Cerberus Council, the most influential and feared lords of the criminal underworld. The Council has a finger in every pie and controls a vast network of operatives, with its tendrils stretching across the whole of Statera.     Illios   Out of all the continents of Statera, Illios is smallest, but there is more to this place than meets the eyes. Although Illios could barely be considered a continent due to its modest size, its entire area is covered by a vast, sprawling metropolis known as the Endless City. Nevertheless, the Endless City is one of, if not the most dominant and feared faction on Statera, thanks to its technological and magical advancements. Preferring to keep their interactions with the outside world to a minimum, the Endless City has remained one of the most enigmatic places on the planet, concealing secrets that can threaten the balance of the world.

What Should I Know About Statera?

  System   Statera is created to be a unique setting for Dungeons & Dragons 5e. Elements of the lore are heavily borrowed from the Forgotten Realm as well as past editions of D&D, but usually with added twists or modifications.   High Fantasy   Like other settings, Statera follows well-known tropes and characteristics of fantasy worlds: dwarves are experts at smithing and mining, elves are elegant and prideful, orcs are fearsome warriors, etc. However, nothing is as simple as it seems in Statera, so it would be wise to expect the unexpected.   High Magic   The world of Statera is teeming with magic, but everything comes with a price. The more powerful the magic, the more effort is required and the higher the possibility that it can all go horribly wrong. Many practitioners of magic often find themselves the victims of their mistakes and few could ever become powerful enough to change the world. To acquire great power, one must be prepared to make the necessary sacrifices.   Medium Tech   Most of Statera is not scientifically and technologically advanced, but in certain parts of the world, such as The Endless City, there exist strange contraptions and machines powered by magic. The secret behind these creations is one of the biggest mysteries of the world, which can either bring great prosperity or untold destruction.   Divine Artifacts   Powerful and ancient artifacts of the old world, created by the gods, are the most sought-after treasures on the planet, coveted by kings and thieves alike. Capable of both great miracles and catastrophes, these magical and forgotten pieces of divinity are buried in tombs, hidden among a dragon's hoard or washed beneath the waves, just waiting to be recovered by brave adventurers.

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