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Star Wars D6 REUP Kanzi Sector

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The Kanzi Sector, a sector in the Colonies Region, covers a large area of space and is slowly expanding into the unknown regions which border it to the Galactic West. This sector is a new flashpoint for the nascent resistance groups which are beginning to form in the current year, which is 9 BBY. Recently, Moff Hax has begun to tighten his control over the sector. His program to expand the military forces of the sector is quickly ramping up, but it is beginning to put additional stress on the societal structure of the worlds he rules. The Colonies Region is not used to the heavier handed tactics that Moffs in the Outer Rim are used to employing, and it is beginning to show the cracks that a new resistance movement can take root in.   It is in this environment that our heroes have inserted themselves. They have begun to build their forces, gain knowledge of the sector and make tentative connections with the dissaffected and dispossessed of the sector. They have truly just scratched the surface of the events engulfing this region of space. Dark forces and events are moving to oppose them and it remains to be seen if they can rise to the new challenges facing them with each passing day. Of course, they have no one to answer to but themselves, and their actions will determine the fate of the sector, for good or ill, for at least a decade or more.

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