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In the year 2084, the world is recovering from a series of revolutions in the 2050s against corrupt governments. As tensions began to settle between these post-revolutionary nations and their neighbors, the development of human genetic engineering in Rwanda has reopened old wounds as rival nations and private corporations try to get their hands on this powerful technology. Ntwali was a test subject in the Rwandan lab, but now he's on his own. As he tries to navigate through a world that doesn't consider him human, he finds himself being hunted by New York scientist and businesswoman Dolly Waldman. He has to find allies and friends as he is reluctantly roped into a worldwide genetic conspiracy. Maria was a clone of a cancer patient, part of a series of clones created for spare organ donations in Waldman's lab. But Maria was different, she is a missing link between normal human cloning and the new species Waldman was trying to create. After leaving the lab, and breaking out six of Waldman's creations with her, she is alone in upstate New York, with six children following behind her. Nat Sundown is a California marshal for the Western Republic's first Mars colony. But when his operator on Earth is kidnapped, he leaves his post to hunt down the people responsible.

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