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The Village of Casade

The village of Casade is built on a three mile long, 1/2 mile wide crenelated battlement that surrounds the base of an enormous tower the locals have named Skieon. The inhabitants have yet to find a way inside the tower directly however and exploration of available passages on either side of the tower lead away from it. The villages water needs are met by the Gargoyle Spring, an ugly face about 10 meters up the side of the tower wall that constantly spews water into a 30 meter wide, shallow pool that never overflows. Casade is a farming village with 12 large families that make up the inhabitants along with a few individuals who are not part of any family. The town farms crops such as wheat, barley, pumpkins and other vegetables. They also have several herds of sheep and cows. Most recently the village has begun to cultivate trees using seeds brought to them by a traveling merchant and using the limited talents of the towns only Earthmage to create enough soil for the trees to take root and grow strong. So far the experiment seems to be working.


The town is led by an Mayor that is elected by a majority of the family heads, usually a younger but prominent villager. The village has a basic tax for each household in order to fun upkeep and town projects. There is also a tax on the sale of magical items within the villages boarders.


The village is defended by a volunteer guard unit, each with their own unique weapons and armor, usually handed down from father to son. The towns blacksmith is the leader of the guard and helps keep equipment in good repair, while producing a limited number of replacement weapons every year. The village also has a young Earthmage who has been asked to come to the villages defense in the event of an emergency.

Industry & Trade

Mostly the town sells it's excess produce and grain to traveling traders.


There is one large hall that serves as a tavern and meeting place, owned by a former explorer named Karlak. He has opened a brewery to take advantage of the towns barley crops and has produced a tasty barley beer that the villagers adore.   The Silos are large stone structures that are carefully sealed and patrolled to keep out vermin from the food stored within.   Three windmills face the direction that the winds blow from outside the crenelated walls, catching the constant breeze with the large, canvas sails. Built from salvaged wood from some great hall in a lower level.   The Gargoyle Spring is where the village gets it's water and a guard is posted 24/7 as this is one of the towns most precious resources and while anyone is free to take what they need they must be careful not to overdraw from the shallow reservoir.

Guilds and Factions

There are 12 main families in the village, which for the most part work together to keep things going smoothly.


The Village of Casade was founded just over 150 years ago by a group of settlers seeking their own section of Spire to call their own. A scout discovered the water source that would become known as the Gargoyle Spring which would become the center of the future village. 12 families set forth from the City of Redoubt to settle the battlements of Casade.


Tourism is very limited, however Casade is a known stop-over for Exploration Guild expeditions to replenish supplies.


The town structures are mostly built out of stone and thatch grown in the fields. Wood is rare and usually salvaged from inside Spire itself at some risk. The structures are usually squat and somewhat sprawling, however there is one larger structure that stands two stories tall, a recent construction that could not have been accomplished without the local Earthmage. The 2 story structure is the Inn and town gathering hall.


The village sits on the top of a curved, vast crenelated wall that surrounds the base of an enormous tower that stretches up thousands of meters above. The Stones making up the wall are colossal in size, each more than 100 meters square. The Crenelations  sitting on the edge of the battlements tower over 50 meters along a 20 meter lip, creating a toothed valley of just over a half kilometer between the edge of the wall and the side of the tower.

Natural Resources

Water and farming.
Alternative Name(s)
Walltop Village
Inhabitant Demonym

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