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"I'll never forget the first time I saw one of the Vishakoli, it was terrifying, even long dead they possess an otherworldly quality. Janison believes that the rumblings we sometimes hear from deeper into the complex suggest that there are still members of the race still alive. but based on the writings that we have recovered I don't think it can be possible."
  • Shalvanti Thessleton, Head of excitation site seven, An excerpt from their diary about the dig
  • The Vishakoli were the first people of the world. According to their writings, of which only a few have been fully translated, they were created by the weaver shortly after the world and it was from their civilisation that the gods were chosen. After this choice was made their was an uprising and the weaver cast them down, and they were no more.   To date the Hepatic Schism have found 4 bodies of Vishakoli, all have been in various states. The cataclysmic event that sunk their city beneath the sands clearly sealed the race away, preventing their bodies from degrading, almost mummifying them.

    Basic Information


    Humanoid, in initial appearance, the Vishakoli are a Bipedal race standing on average eight feet tall on thin digitigrade legs. They have two long arms that end in a complex appendage, similar to a seven fingered hand, with each spindly digit ending in a broad pad. The head is a pointed oval, with two large eyes and a mouth framed by mandibles. Over the face a naturally occurring exoskeleton mask sits, this chitin plate has eye holes but breaks apart into three pieces when access to the mouth is needed, retracting to sit above and each side of the face.

    Additional Information

    Perception and Sensory Capabilities

    According to the writings found in the ruins the Vishakoli were able to perceive the threads of magic.
    Geographic Distribution

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