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The Yaruway are a species native to the planet Arzham. They are slightly moth-like in appearance, with shades of brown, lavender, gray, and black on their bodies, and large wings. They have three biological sexes and tend to mate in groups of three, though there have been many cases of couples or groups larger than three becoming romantically involved with each other. Each biological sex has a differently-shaped body, leading to some very drastically different-looking beings of the same species.

Basic Information



  The Yaruway males are often seen as dainty and delicate. Their bodies are the smallest of the species, averaging between 4-5" tall. They have hard skin which helps to protect their exceptionally slender and thin bodies. Their wings are long and leathery, and are often used as cloaks for warmth and protection for the rest of their bodies. Atop their head are long antennae, which can sense vibrations around them to keep themselves better protected from threats since their bodies aren't physically strong.    


Female Yaruway are massive and bulky, usually standing between 6.5-8" tall. Their skin is not quite as hard as the males', though it is still quite challenging to penetrate. Their muscles are very large and pronounced, and their wings are quite thick. They are used more for combat than anything else, providing another limb with which to strike an opponent, or a shield to protect their more important organs. Atop their head are two flat horns that curve slightly upwards and back across their head to be used as extra protection or as a weapon.  


Zymales are a middle ground between the males and females in terms of size. Their body is not quite as compact and hard as the rest of the species, and their bones are hollow in order to allow them to fly with their wings.

Genetics and Reproduction

Male Yaruway fertilize a female Yaruway's egg, which is then put into a zymale's womb to grow into a fully-developed infant.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Bazsul - A major religion of the Yaruway, Bazsul focuses on the spirits of the universe coming together on Arzham and blessing the Yaruway with power and wisdom.

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