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Pabbles are a species native to Zamoria. They are very popular as pets, as they are very low-maintenance and can survive in a vast variety of environments. They are small winged creatures which don't really do much other than look adorable and give affection to their owners.

Basic Information


Pabbles are quadrupedal and tend to be between 1-1.5' tall at the shoulder, and roughly 2-2.5' from head to tail. They have round bodies and short legs, as well as two wings which are, together, as long as the length of their bodies. They can use these to fly around quite nimbly. In order to allow flight, their bodies are very light despite the round shape, and they have been bred for extra soft fur.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Pabbles will eat most edible things they can, and many things that aren't generally considered edible. They must be carefully trained when they are little, otherwise they will try to eat furniture or other household objects.

Average Height
Average Length
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Pabbles have been bred to come naturally in all kinds of different colors. The breeds are mostly the same in terms of appearance and general personality traits, though the multitude of colors is truly impressive.

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