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G,lshei are a variety of fruit grown from g,lsh trees   They are known to be fairly bitter and very filling   One g,lsh is considered enough for an entire meal on its own with only the most gluttonous pairing it with another dish   The exterior texture is rather soft with the interior actually being much stiffer   They notably serve as the primary food source in the city of M'g,n   The city is able to survive on this diet of mostly G,lshei due to their very high rate of growth   On average it only takes about 13 days for a g,lsh to become fully ripe and reader for consumption   Many consider them to be sacred to M'g,n along with the trees that bear them   However the official policy of her cult states that only the trees within the city are sacred   They average around the size of a hand and are vaguely cylindrical in shape   They are rather heavy typically weighing about 2 pounds each   They are colored a glossy orange though less ripe samples are often more red   Typically they are eaten raw however some have been known to cook them   The most common way cooked g,lshei are served is in thin chips that have been breaded, fried, and skewered to be served as street food   The is known as the g,lshc,c   G,lshc,celt are also often served with cheese melted on them though this is not universal   Outside of the city they are not seen as being especially tasty or sought after   With that said they are cultivated through out the world simply do to how efficient of a food source they are   Personally I find them to be revolting but clearly others disagree   It should be noted that as a foreigner to the city i find most things associated with M'g,n to be revolting

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