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Basic Information


Ptera are covered in a large hard exoskeleton and hard elytra not suitable for flight. Their face is overpowered with large mandibles that open horizontally. Small antennae form out the top of its head just above its large compound eyes. The colour of the carapace varies widely form mat black to hypnotic colourful patterns. Rumours say they don't stop growing and have been seen to be as big as elephants.

Genetics and Reproduction

They have intricate mating ceremonies releasing a varied display of pheromones and colourfull gasses resulting in the laying of eggs.

Growth Rate & Stages

From egg to larva to "fully grown" takes about 8 years

Ecology and Habitats

Their adaptable body and variety in the species make them suitable in climates from freezing cold to deserts. Their large size and slow mobility make them more common in open terrains like deserts or plains.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They are omnivores eating whatever is in abundance and is easy to obtain. They are not hunters but grazers but will eat animals if they are easily attacked or already dead.

Additional Information


This Creature found in the wild are normally quite defensive but can be tamed and motivated with food where if raised from birth they are easily domesticated and make amazing beasts of burden.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

These creatures are one of the main bests of burden of the world as they are very adaptable and easily domesticated. As they get older they can pull more and more on their own due to their size and don't seem to deteriorate with age.

Average Intelligence

They can be taught to follow simple orders but it is difficult to train them to do delicate movement. Most can only be taught to move, stop and find water but not much more.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The piercing eyes and antenna allow it to detect creatures in the surroundings efficiently. It's believed to have the ability to sense the location of water.
Scientific Name
Magna Coleoptera
Stormlands and the Court of Coins
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Some of the rarer Ptera can be seen to have beautiful and colourfull markings. These are normally more valuable and decorated for the rich and powerful.

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