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Oracles Opiate

A rare purple flower that has strange magical properties. Legends say this flower is a gift to the mortals of the world from Choronis, giving people limited gifts in foresight and even in some reported cases time manipulation. The flower itself is a very rare, tall plant that can be found anywhere near rivers and lakes. It has thin elliptic leaves which are usually blue-green with soft edges. It grows large flowers which can be dark grey and purple. The flowers themselves have only a few petals but are often large and curved. The plants don't grow in groups and are well known to be very difficult to cultivate out of the wild. The grey flower petals have minor cleansing capabilities when brewed and use in a warm tea. The rest of the plant is extremely bitter and hasn't been observed to be eaten by any animal. The flowers don't seem to follow a pattern with their growth or blooming, seeming random which is the main cause of the difficulty in cultivating them. The plants only produce once seed which is assumed to be carried by the winds to reproduce. These flowers are sought after by many and have a large value. Many worshipers of Choronis view this as a direct way to receive guidance from their diety where rich and powerful seek the plant for knowledge that could aid them. Some say they have been given sights of the past, present and futures whilst consuming the plant but almost all cases talk about feeling distant when receiving the visions, like what they see might be one truth and that many truths exist and don't at the same time. The preparation of the petals of the flower is a not well-known technique and is heavily guarded by those who know it.

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