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Somar (The Kronatayan Race)

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The world of Somar is like that of Earth in that it has many peoples and much history that led to it's inhabitants to the stars and beyond. In fact, the Kronatayans, those inhabitants, bear a shocking resemblance to humans compared to all other known interstellar species.   Alright, this is gonna be an odd one. Odd not in the sense that the world itself is odd, but how this is play out or something. Basically, this was something that I thought up years ago when I was an adolescent and have built upon ever since. At first, my race was this imperial, warrior race that existed within the same universe as Star Trek and preceded the Federation. But it's almost completely changed now the name "kronatayan" is one of the only surviving things from that time.   The thing is, I'm mostly focused on more medieval Somar and the people who inhabited it during that time now. Not really sure how I'm gonna organize the old and the new. So please don't think I'm trying to falsely advertise my world.