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White Wolves

When you choose to join the White’s pack you are taking on the path of wisdom. You will endeavor to learn everything you can and to help others follow a path of knowledge. Throughout the first 2 years you will learn the following subjects, mathematics, geography, history, languages and science; as well as learning your basic combat skills. These lessons will be just a bit more advanced than what a pup would learn. From there on you will continue to learn these topics and they will gradually increase in difficulty depending on how well you grasp them. Some of the things you will learn about are hidden histories, like the true events of the Aeon war, politics, culture and etiquette.  


  Once you reach the 6th year of your training you will start learning the essence of White wolves, Research. You will become a scholar and spend most of your days researching. The main things you will be doing is practicing and honing magical ability and testing and examining both old and new forms of magic. Scholars are also tasked with creating common runes for both training use and sale to Wolves and travelers. You will have your own test chamber to practice spells in without risking anyone in the castle or the structure itself. You will still continue combat training and will start to learn some battle magic as well, spells designed to both save you and protect others mainly.


If you choose to go down the path of research rather than politics you will start the same as everyone else but once you reach the 6th year of your training you will become a scholar and start more advanced research of different types of magic under guided supervision for practical work. This is research is done both theoretically utilizing the enormous library within the academy as well as testing chambers. These chambers are designed to resist most serious explosions; they’re old reconstructed nuclear reactor chambers re enforced with runes. These chambers would be able to withstand 6 simultaneous Fukushima's.


You may be approached at the start of the 6th year to follow another vocation which you will do alongside research. Espionage. You will be taught both the arts of sneaking without detection and diplomacy. Skilled teachers will take it upon themselves to show you how to blend into any environment and how to negotiate with even the most stubborn of adversaries. You will be shown the many ways in which you communicate back to the academy and the cyphers used. Once your training is complete and you are made a White wolf you will be given a name, this is your charge. You are to be this person’s adviser but you will have to find them, anything like travel or money will be provided by the academy but you will have to know who they are and where to find them.



Once you finish your training and become a full wolf you will be offered a position at the Academy as an Academic, you’ll be free to research what you like individually or with other wolves. If a teacher leaves the academy for any reason, boredom, retirement, death… as long as they don’t have a specialist subject like a craftsman skill, the position will be opened to all white wolves first. Seniority tends to play a large role here but isn’t 100% deciding factor the best person for the job will be given it. White wolves tend to teach the following subjects:

  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • The Sciences
  • History
  • Geography
Guild, Mages
Parent Organization


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