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Silver Wolves

The Silver Wolves are a splinter group within the Academy. There are roughly 10,000 living wolves 2000 of which live in the Academy the others live in a sort of city in the forest surrounding the Academy. Out of all these wolves there is an elite squad of 200(400 including their wolves) , these 200 are the best of the best in their fields as well as combat. It's one of the most prestigious honours to be offered a place within their ranks.
They are like the Wolf equivalent of the commandos, they are sent on the most dangerous tasks and are as dangerous as an army. Combat wise no one could possibly out match a Silver Wolf, in order to be invited to their ranks there must be an opening. There can only be 200 silver wolves at once, no one living knows why there can only be 200 wolves but whenever anymore are attempted to be brought into their ranks, the newcomer dies a few days later unexpectedly; its as if there's a magical force preventing more from joining. Its possible the Elder Wolf knows as that wolf is older than any human and any wolf; however he has never spoken on the subject.


Once one retires or dies another can be recruited. When there is an opening everyone is open to make a suggestion for a new member and all recruits will be invited to the trials they must undergo. However some do shy away as only the needed amount to make the 200 will make it through, the rest don't usually survive and the best of them will gain the rank of Silver Wolf.

Identifing Silver Wolves

They can be identified by their silver wolf pelt cloaks and the streak of metallic silver in their hair that is always identifiable as not natural. This can be covered up with dyes to hide them if the need of not being recognised is required. As well as the silver fur their wolf develops.
The 200 are one giant pack, they learn to fight with each other instinctively, though they sometimes will be sent off alone or in small groups they are most deadly together. They have been known to defeat small armies thrice their number. They have been called the Silver Streaks by those not of the academy due to the way their cloaks move through the air while they're fighting. This is also supported by their wolves who’s fur naturally turns silver do to the magical binding of the Silver Wolf.
Guild, Mages
Parent Organization


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