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The Wolves


The Wolves

The Wolves are the inhabitants and students of The Academy

  The Wolves have a very structured organisation. Their hierarchy starts with the Elder Wolf, an ancient wolf that can communicate with humans, he has the ability to use drawing that surpasses any human; no one is quite sure of his age.

Just below the Elder Wolf is the Alpha Wolves and the Master Blacksmith. The Master Blacksmith is a high rank among the Wolves, the smith will craft the weapons for the Alpha Wolves, on their ascension as well as a symbolic importance. The Wolves have never enjoyed violence, the Master Blacksmith has sworn off violence for the rest of their life. It is so that in a world so full of violence and destruction there will be one among them who will only build.
The Alpha Wolves oversee the rest of the packs, they deal with all large scale administration and admission to the Academy. The Pack Leaders are chosen from the pack, in a general election; they deal with smaller administration among their pack; as well as aid the Juvenile Wolves.


Formal Uniform


  The hierarchy of the Wolves can be seen below.

Wolf Bonding Ritual

Once you’re ready to bond to a wolf, you will know. It’s a feeling inside you that you can’t suppress. Your pack will all get this feeling around a similar time, but if you are late at feeling it don’t worry it will happen. Once you get this feeling, you need to tell and instructor, they will then take you down to the Academy’s crypts. Once inside you need to venture down into the center of the maze like corridors. At the same time, a young wolf pup will also be sent in by their trainer. This feeling you had is beyond ordinary magic, it’s not something that’s reproducible. The souls of both you and the wolf pup have already started to bond and mix but not enough to fully bond you. You are lost, two halves not yet whole. That is where the crypt comes in.

The crypt is extremely dark, and designed to be confusing. Once both of you are good and lost in the crypt you’ll be able to sense each other. The darkness and quite dampens your senses, making you more focused. The fact that you’re lost encourages your mind to find a way out. All his combined, with your new faint mental compass will guide both of you together. Completing your bond.
You will now have a bond with something stronger than anyone could have with another person. You two will feel each other on a spiritual level, and will have a mental collection that will let you communicate.


The Importance of Weapons

Once you become a Juvenile you will star to train combat for a month, then you will be taken to the Master Blacksmith’s forge. Here you will put your hand into The Crystal Jar, an immensely powerful magical artifact. It’s and empty jar but once you pull your hand out you will find a token in your closed hand. It analyses your personality and mind to decide what weapon would best fit you and displays information on the token. The Master Blacksmith will consult with your combat trainer on any special requirements the weapon will need. They will construct a weapon for you using the information on the token. This weapon will be like a limb to you. You will wear it at all times; except for the obvious times like sleeping or bathing. You are NEVER to use your weapon for anything outside the training sessions. A special rune is embossed into the weapon so that if it is drawn your combat trainer will know. The rune when freed from the sheath/case will cause your name on the CB trainers pad to light up.

It should be known by now that everyone has a Rhean, what isn’t commonly known is no matter how strong you are, you aren’t able to use all of your magical ability unaided. You simply can’t muster that much control over your Rhean all alone. Men since the Aeon war have been turning weapons into magical amplifiers. In theory any item can be used but the materials and craftsmanship of an item effects it’s potential. The Academy favours the use of weapons heavily. This is understandable as they have been heavily persecuted since the Forgotten disappeared.

Some people have been known to enchant other objects, like jewelry, to use as amplifiers but they are never as effective. This is because you lose the control that you would have over something like a sword. The ability to control and manipulate the object you are using helps in Drawing. A slightly less common object that is a mix between weapons and other objects are Drawing Gauntlets (There will be more on these at some point dunno when)

The Master Blacksmith will create your first weapon for you and enchant it. This is both good and bad. It is good because you are learning with a weapon of immense craftsmanship; however it not being enchanted by you causes you to lose a very large chunk of your magical potential, you gain a new type of connection with your weapon when you are the one to enchant it. This reason is why most new Wolves will either keep their weapon as a momento or they will donate it to the armoury and have a new one crafted by one of the Academies smiths. Weapons in the armoury tent to be used in a juvenile’s first month of training.

While your weapon is extremely important in combat, it also has another significant importance, a mental bond. You will grow to care for your weapon and understand it, sort of like your bond with your wolf but not as strong. It won’t just be a hunk of metal or wood, it’s an extension of yourself.  

The Trial of the Seven Flames

You will take a potion the night before your trial, when you sleep that night it will open a door to your soul. You will learn about yourself and when you awake you will go down to the training grounds where you will put your hand in a brazier. The flames in the brazier change between seven different colour. Each determine a different combat style, when you put your hand into the flames you will pull out a pebble. There are seven different pebbles which have different drawings on them, lines to represent the wind and its nature peaceful or violent, scales to represent balance, a leaf to represent peace and smooth flowing, flames to represent intensity and power, an anvil to represent structure and hardness, and finally a sun to represent energy and strength.

These pebbles tell you about yourself and how you fight.


  • The Academy
  • Tal-Rena
Founding Date
500 NA
Guild, Mages
Alternative Names
Derogatory term - Mutts
Controlled Territories


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