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Grey Wolves

If you choose to become a Grey Wolf then you're choosing a life of adventure and travel. The Grey Wolves are the primary recruiters and practical historians of the Academy. They choose to live a life mostly away from the Academy searching for ancient relics and magics to bring back to the Academy. There aren't many Grey Wolves present in the Academy unless they've decided to settle down.

The first two years as a Grey Wolf will be dedicated to learning primarily history and geography. You will learn your usual subjects, maths, science, etc. You will focus more on ancient history however.

Unlike the other packs Grey Wolves don’t have many different paths to follow. From year 3 till 6 you will learn about archeology and the geography of ancient sites. The main goal of the Grey Wolves is to try and find the ancient mountain sanctuary that the Forgotten inhabited during the Aeon War.

  Along with your academic studies you will also learn survival techniques .How to track and scavenge food in the wild along with baren locations. You will need to be able to survive in most terrains as Grey Wolves are constantly exploring remote unexplored locations of Solivity.

  The last 4 years of your studies will be spent perfecting your research techniques and joining senior Grey Wolves at some of their research camps uncovering artefacts and exploring ruins.

  Once you become a full Wolf you are now free to go on your own expeditions, either alone or accompanied. Due to he constant travel around Solivity Grey Wolves tend to find the most Pups and arrange for them to be collected by a nearby wolf, or bringing them back to the Academy. Grey Wolves don’t tend to settle back Tal-Rena until they’re ready to stop exploring.
Guild, Mages
Parent Organization


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