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Brown Wolves

If you choose to join the Brown Wolves, you’re choosing the path of the Artisans. The master smiths, armorers, greatest artists, cartographers and the storytellers of the world come from the Brown Wolves. Not to say there aren’t master craftsmen outside the Academy, but more come sprout from the Brown Wolves and they are some of the only ones who can create magical items.


The first two years as a Brown Wolf will be spent on learning about your chosen pathway. You will choose a calling and then be assigned a Journeyman to follow under, they will be your guide and mentor for the remainder of your training. Metallurgists, Artists, Carpenters, Narrators and finally Cultavationists, these are the five pathways within the Academy.


These Wolves learn how to work different kind of metals, and to craft both regular items and weapons at a master level. They train to be the best smiths, learning to use etchings to better their work and make it fit the purpose requested. They are readily available to make anything in their power for other Wolves. They're lead by a Master Forger.


These Wolves learn to perfect woodwork. They make weapons and other items similar to the metallurgist except without the use of metals. Some Wolves prefer weapons of wood rather than metal. Along with weapons they make some of the finest furnishings and buildings around the world. They're lead by a Master Architect.


These Wolves learn the different forms of art. From fine art, to music they study and perfect their crafts. Art and culture are important for any world. They learn how to incorporate etchings into their work. They're lead by a Master Curator.


The Narrators focus on spoken word as well as written. They are the great storytellers of their times, or simply the man telling fantastical stories in a tavern. They learn of folklore and create their own myths to spread around. On top of this they write books and poetry, some dabble in music but it isn't as common, their etchings enhance the stories enough. They're lead by a Master Bard.


These Wolves dedicate their time to learn about farming and botany, farmers make the world go round. Without food all nations would fall. They learn to help plants grow and how to incorporate etchings into this. They provide most of the food for the Academy and the surrounding Wolves. Some are confused how they are apart of the same pack as the craftsmen and artists but they neglect to see how much skill and time they put into their craft. It's not easy to farm the land but they managed to perfect it. They're lead by a Master Farmer.


You may have noticed the continuing mention of Etchings, and wondered what they are. Etchings are the art of engraving glyphs onto items to produce a desired effect. They can't do large scale drawings but simple things like toughening metal while still allowing it to flex can be done. The way it works is by a combination of a Drawing glyph(a) of the desired effect, absorption glyphs that suck in residual Qi that they're attuned too and a action glyph that makes the whole thing active. For example… A Wolf engraved the Qi for earth, water, and life on a plant pot. If they then add a ring around those symbols with the corresponding markings for how much of the qis are needed, then another marking to set an activation trigger or delay etc. They would now have a full glyph on the plant pot that would increase fertility inside it without the need to water. The water and earth Qi combine to make fertile, watered soil, the life Qi on top will help to keep the plants strong. The way it works is there is constant Qi all around us, the more common Qi like the ones in my example can be drawn from the surroundings and utilized but only in small amounts. Unless someone is physically Drawing and forcing them into the glyph.


Brown Wolves will spend the entirety of their years learning and honing their craft. Along with this they will still learn the basic subjects and their drawing and combat training. If the Journeyman they are apprenticing under feels they are ready they will speak with a Master of the trade and the three of you will discuss you moving up to Journeyman, you will then have the choice to have an apprentice or to apprentice under one of the other skills until you become a Wolf. This doesn't happen often and most spend the entirety of their years as an apprentice until they're raised to a Wolf and Journeyman, it doesn't happen all that often that someone isn't good enough to become a Journeyman.

Each pathway has a Master leading them but there are also masters in the trade below the leader, in order to be raised to a master one of the current master tradesmen will have to acknowledge you as one. If your skill level is so great that a Master carpenter sees you on the same level as them then you are one, it's that simple. Something extremely rare but not impossible is a master bestowing the title and rank on an apprentice. They still would have to do their years learning but once raised they would be a full master in their craft. There are only 6 official recordings of this, and once, technically twice, in the last century. it was a Narrator who went on to become a master Artist as well.

Masters have an authority about them, also their works tend to sell for far much more than a Journeyman’s. You will, if the need occurs for a new pathway leader, be considered for the position. You can also take Journeymen and apprentices if they wish to try and advance further.
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