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Red Wolves

If you choose the path of the Red Wolves you will start down the path of Science and medicine. You will continue your basic lessons, like maths, languages, etc. As well as your combat and magic training. However what you will spend the first few years of training on is rudimentary science, as you progress through the years you will also start to learn more and more complex forms of science. You will learn about herbs, potions, medicines and healing during this time as well.  


Once you reach your 4th year at the academy, you will be given three paths to choose from. Healing, Herbology, and Alchemy. Each path is similar in some ways but ultimately they’re different.


You will spend the next 4 years shadowing a physician in one of the academy’s free public hospitals. You will also spend substantial time studying about all the different types of medicines, injuries as well as how these injuries tend to be inflicted along with their remedies. You will also learn how to identify ailments by the symptoms and to treat them in a timely manner, using a mixture of drawing and medicines. In your 8th year you will have to choose a specialty, this is how you’ll spend the last two years of training. You will have the choice of many different fields like surgery, diseases, mental illnesses, etc.


This path is the most different, while you will still learn about healing magic, you won’t prioritize it. You will learn basic healing, but mainly you will learn the art of making potions and elixirs. These will involve both potions to aid and to harm. You will work under one of the Academy’s junior Alchemists and also provide medicinal potions to the clinics. Most alchemists either stay at the Academy or go service a lord or even a king. Some do set up their own private practices and research away from the pack.


The third path a red can go down isn’t chosen by a large majority of people as it is the path of herbs and plants. You spend your time on this path studying all of the properties of plants and how to mix them to cure even some of the gravest wounds, sometimes not even a potion can heal a wound, the last call is a herbalists remedies. After you become a wolf you will have the option of staying and researching the new types of mixtures you can make, joining the clinic staff as part of the herbalist team. A lot of herbalists do decide to leave the Academy when done their training, they tend to go live humble lives helping small villages by being herbalists there.
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