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Black Wolves

The Black Wolves path is the path of combat. This doesn’t make you blood thirsty or anything for wanting to choose it. You will spend your years doing your core subjects, except you will focus more on history as you dissect various historic battles and you learn the ever useful battle tactics. You will spend most of your time practicing combat, and learning leadership techniques. The Black Wolves have held onto one secret skill since being founded. They alone know this skill and it is what truly makes them different.

The ability they have is essentially a special way of meditating and using magic. Due to magic being linked to the part of the brain that deals with emotion they can tap into this and in essence turn off their emotions. This to some makes them perfect fighters, they have no way of being emotionally influenced, some people feel like this is a negative thing as not being able to care what you’re fighting for can make you a better fighter. What it does make them though, is the perfect soldier. Tapping into the mind this way also turns off their ability to feel pain. Once they learn this they need to learn some restraint as being reckless with the ability to not feel pain could wind up getting you killed in battle. (There’s a lost unknown form of this that can be used to affect your Drawing power)

Black Wolves training is more demanding than the other Wolves,they are constantly combat training, learning new ways to incorporate Drawing into fighting. The early years of their training will be spent mastering your chosen combat style as well as mastering additional weapons you may carry into battle. You will carry knives and a combination Buckler-Gauntlet (like the Lantern Shield) and regular gauntlet in the need of hand to hand combat. You will continue to practice hand to hand combat, and your chosen combat form, along with all your other subjects like tactics and your core subjects with your Pack; until your final year.

In your final year you will continue training but you will also learn diplomacy and certain amount of etiquette. You then will become a Wolf when you finish your training at the end of that year. The first 4 years of life as a Wolf must be spent in the Academy’s guard. After your time in the guard, you are free to leave and go live your life however you want it. A lot of people choose to stay in the guard, which also acts as the main bulk of the Academy’s army. Some choose to live live as a mercenary or high ranking soldier in other armies.

The reason many stay in the guard is due to the stability it offers. It is both an army and militia, when it isn't all needed to protect the Academy or lands around it they are offered to the highest bidders, as long as the Alpha’s approved.
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