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Ragnarok Division

The Void Born Union generally dislike conflict. The ability to instantly jump to another star system promotes an attitude that is favourable to avoiding open conflict, and whilst their history (and if we're being honest, their present) includes a large number of pirates, smugglers and other criminals, the VBU very rarely instigate large scale armed conflict.   There are those however who are convinced of the superiority of their way of life, and believe that those who live on planets are less worthy of resources, space and respect. Ragnarok Division is the largest group of these, controlling around twelve habitats and having significant numbers spread through the VBU.   Named for the ancient Norse apocalypse myth, they paint their starships white and red. Much like vibrant colours on animals warning others to stay away, their bright livery is a warning. They do not negotiate and they are quick to come to conflict. In the past twenty years there have been over three hundred recorded incidents of Ragnarok Division ships openly attacking other spacefairing traffic including a brazen assault on an IP3 medical convoy leaving over two hundred voidsailors dead and stealing several hundred tonnes of vital medical supplies.   Whilst the VBU is generally more of a loose confederation of independent states than either the UNM or IP3, Ragnarok Division openly court sedition. They hide behind their VBU membership when it is useful, but have been known to harass other VBU habitats when it suits them. As such the more collectivist groupings within the VBU have also been known to consider the Division outsiders and thus unworthy of alliance or protection.   In 2249 there was a major conflict spanning twelve star systems over three months between Ragnarok Division and the Society for Hedonistic Relativists, another major alliance within the VBU. RD lost three habitats, and whilst SHR lost none they suffered significant casualties and lost over two thirds of their military fleet. This conflict, started by Ragnarok Division raids on SHR resource stockpiles, was claimed by both sides as a victory but ultimately served to further galvanise void-born society and many analysts believe the time has come for the wider union to either eject or reign in the Ragnarok Division.

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