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The Bog Jumper

Basic Information


The Bog Jumper is an amphibian creature That begins its life as an egg that is laid in the stagnant water of the northern bogs. When it hatches it has the appearance of a long narrow tail, about three inches long, that has a mouth on one end. As it gets bigger it starts to grow two sets of long powerful legs, and its body becomes round and forms a drop shape with the narrow part being where its mouth is located. Though its body will never become longer that it was in its tail stage, its legs can grow to be four times the length of its body. Each of its four feet form a circle at the end of its legs and when it jumps they compress together to make the legs more streamlined. The shape of its feep enable it to stand on the top of water without any issues.

Genetics and Reproduction

It reproduces in the same way that most amphibians do: The male fertilizes the eggs that the female lays at the same time as she lays them into the water.

Growth Rate & Stages

Bog Jumpers have four main growth stages : the egg, the tail, the juvenile, and the mature adult.
It will spend the first month to two months in the egg until it hatches entering into the tail stage.
The tail stage typically will last about four months, during which time it will grow the the maximum length its body will be.
Though it is its shortest stage in life, lasting no more than a week, it is also the most dangerous stage. Impeded by the new growth of its legs, it is no longer able to swim fast and it legs have not developed fully for jumping. This makes it easy prey for the many creature that would like to eat this small creature.
Once it reaches its adult stage it will lie its life until it dies aster matting 5 or 6 times.

Ecology and Habitats

Since its initial discovery it has been seen in nearly all of the northern bogs. These bogs, full of stagnant water which they need for breeding and full of insects creates the perfect habitat for them.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The tend to eat a lot of small bugs and insects ,eating any that will fit into its mouth. To catch it prey it will jump into them stunning them and then consuming the insect or bug whole.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The bog jumper has two main ways that it senses the world around it: its hearing and its feeling.
The bog jumper's hearing is powerful enough that it can hear the wings of a mosquito nearly 10 feet away, and distinguish that sound from other sounds. 
Through its feet it can feel the vibrations of anything moving in the water that it is standing on, as well as creatures approaching it on land from nearly 5 feet away.
Scientific Name
There are no other known species that are related to this creature.
2.5-3 years
Average Length
its body is about 3 inches long and each of its legs will grow to about a foot long.
Average Physique
Its legs are powerfull enough to propell it nearly 20 feet in a single jump from a still position.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Its natual coloring is had to lay out as it has the ability to change its skin color to mach its surroundings to help it blend in.
Discovered by

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