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'Nro Decree on the Successor of Ketapa

Document Structure

Publication Status

The text was dictated to a scribe and stamped with the 'nro seal; the declaration was subsequently read out loud by the official promulgator at a emergency-summoned council. It was later recited in as many public areas across the country as Nilu's faction could manage. In the style of official decrees, it is short and succinct.

Historical Details


For most of his reign, Askre'nro Ketapa was an able leader with conservative but effective policy. Since he had no younger brothers, succession rules for the title of Tokgok 'nro dictated that the next-in-line was his nephew, Askre'she Ni'etu. Ni'etu was young, ambitious, and made no secret of his sympathy for the Ingan Empire. The first two points meant that he would not step down from the position of successor of his own accord, and the last point meant that some people wished fervently that he would be made to vacate the position whether he wanted to or not. As Ketapa aged, he grew increasingly paranoid and concerned with the succession – sooner rather than later, the banner would no longer be his, but the next generation's. He was ethnocentric, militaristic, and increasingly narrow-minded in his old age, seeing the future as coming from within the Tokgok tribes, the banner naturally continuing to rise to its full potential and safely maintaining its influence. Ni'etu's insistence on conducting diplomatic, cultural, and technological exchanges with other nations as a necessary part of galvanizing domestic growth was a foreign concept to a people that three generations ago were a patchwork of tribes who lived by herding and raiding.   Nonetheless, the result was that when Ketapa's health rapidly deteriorated without warning, he tried to declare a different nephew, Askre'she Nilu, as the heir on his sickbed. This was wildly controversial, because not only had it been unprecedented for the 'nro to independently declare his own successor rather than following the rules of succession, Nilu was not considered a legitimate candidate due to his commoner mother. Ketapa's choice can be explained by lack of alternatives and Nilu's exceptional talent. Keloh's other children deferred to their eldest brother, Ni'etu, while Ketapa's own blood sons, never expecting to be high up on the succession, were not instilled with the skills and ambition for the 'nro title.

Public Reaction

The Flying Eagle banner almost instantly fractured into two factions. Behind Ni'etu stood those who supported opening up the country to foreign relations, but also some who did not believe in Ni'etu's personal politics, instead supporting him out of loyalty to his legitimacy and right to the title of 'nro. Nilu's supporters were loyalists to Askre'nro Ketapa, those who strongly opposed Ni'etu's beliefs, and some opportunists who saw an upending of the status quo as their own chance to rise. Nilu also saw significant support from the common people, who hoped he was "one of them" and would prioritize their interests.


Upon Ketapa's death less than a month later, the banner finally erupted into civil war, which would eventually lead to the Fall of the Flying Eagle Banner.
Decree, Governmental
Signatories (Characters)

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