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2060 - After WWIII and the big civil war, the world is not divided by borders or countries anymore. Humanity entered a new age of economy, the age of service in which being a citizen itself and having rights is a paid service. Cities are now as big as States and are providers of services. Citizen do not obey the law anymore but agree to their conditions of service. Thanks to the company which is studying and mapping Kyro's brain, his family was able to survive the wars and live in Simulacra, one of the most technologically advanced cities.   Overview Simulacra is some kind of architectural between Tokyo, Seoul and New York. It's not super luxurious but it is very advanced. Simulacra citizens do not want to work and are almost totally served by automatas. However they measure their status by being able to instruct the machines and create the code. In Simulacra all of the hardware and software are open and modifiable. So Designers, Programmers and Engineers are well respected positions. Game designers, after Kyro's program revolutionary results in brain science, are above other positions. They work to create alternate realities to be viewed in a state between Virtual Reality and Drug Induced Coma, which they call Hyper reality. Lots of games are sold legally and illegally.   Influence Compared to other contemporary cities Simulacra it's defenitely not the most luxurious since it can count for almost 20% of its population having access only to the basic services and not connected to the network, hower Simulacra is one of the most advanced technologically and one of the most progressist politically. It's territory and population is one of the largest amongst ex-america metropolis and it's the second most important city of the NETWORK.    Population Simulacra population is devoted to life in the metaverse and 80% of it lives almost constantly connected going out of their home only to look for basic services (even if almost everything is foundable on the NETWORK). However, the city is still crowded and packed with lots of things going on on the streets. Since there is no human enforcement of the law on the streets and everything is controlled due to automation, people is relatively free to conduct their business more or less legally. Most of the illegal parts of the people lives on the street are about being able to find, exchange or purchase custom hardware and software, prothesis, drugs and ex-america scrap weapons of the early XXI century. The most illegal activities in Simulacra are about data smuggling, virus and malware and non-registered entry points to the NETWORK.   Territory The core part of Simulacra is called the Simulacrum and is a completely covered megastructure that extends for kilometers and has no sky and goes above and under the Ocean. The structure is so big that, as a big metallic sphere, is visible from other cities. Its consumption of electicity is massive and it is fueled by nuclear fission generators. The sphere emits a constant low vibrating sound which some people find ominous.   Economy   Ecology   History   Social Problems   Defense System   Best Places   Scary Places   Why is it good/bad?

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