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The OmniCom by Omnis Corp.

Write about a special item used to keep track of time.   In the years after WWIII and after the Fall of Bad A.I. humanity lost track of time. The Sun and the stars werent visible from the eart anymore. The planet became dark and cold. Even its rotation and gravity balance became unstable. Near the Hole of ex-Americas, was even possible to see strange zero-gravity phenomenons like stones fluctuating in mid-air. The only tools to continue the misuration of time were the nuclear clocks stored in some of the big tech companies' vaults. One of them used the suddenly available SCAN Technology to mass produce the first Open hardware/Open software tool and distribute almost for free: the OmniCom v.1 was created in 2054 by Omnis Corp. and freely distributed. It had a free hard encoded preinstalled version of it's operating system. Due to the impossibility to program each one of the almost 2 billion pieces produced in the first batch, the operating system would have been a simple functioning system the allowed the display of the hour and some other simple tasks. Howere the hardware was very advanced and had a lot of memory. This implicitly left the door open of Open Community sperimentation. So many independent versions of the operating system were developed and distributed. Some parts of the tool were even completely enhabled by the new OS like the camera and the smart connection to the NETWORK. People could now connect their OmniCom directely to the Omnis Corp. Nuclear Clock Application and having always the correct hour. Sun and Moon calendar were abandoned due to the irregularities of both angle and rotation of Earth and its gravity.

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