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Reviled or revered, describe a profession that causes strong reactions in a culture.   Users in Simulacra City don't need to work to earn a salary. Every service in is provided through the system on a partecipation basis. Since Simulacra City rejects in its constitution, the concepts of ableism, war and labour there are activities that a User can be interested in doing for long amounts of time on the NETWORK or in the real life that earn her or him reputation, a network of followers or even a Status. In Simulacra City you can earn the maximum status of Engineer even by simply being old enough for being entitled to it or by creating special designes for the SCAN Technology that earn you interest, reputation or interest by other engineers. Once you are entitled by your engineer status, you begin to earn more cryptocurrency for each of your social interaction inside the SIMULACRUM (where you now live!) and with more credits you have more possibilities to influence the system by voting or by having the right to make a specific action for the community (for example being judge in a trial or head of a scientific project or make a public speech). Engineers are also by default authorized to access the code of every robot or program in the SIMULACRUM and modify it freely.   Engineers are often ancient beings. This means that, through the decades and centuries they undergone several medical procedures to substantially modify their physical bodies and minds even on a genetic basis. Therefore they spend most of their time, if not all in their homes, connected to the NETWORK or dormient. Users living in the rest of Simulacra City never encounters one of them in their whole life (sometimes even after becoming engineers themselves). If encountered, Engineers are always immediately recognizible by the sheer amount and stratification of different modifications of their bodies. Users are usually scared by them and by the fact that they can influnce your social status on the NETWORK even just by talking to you. Also, Engineers have direct control over the summoning of security units and drones and uncommon physical abilities that may derive by the uncommon nature of their body modification.   It is common doing between Users in Simulacra City to avoid Engineers direct encounters if not specifically being summoned by them and not to speak to them directely in public or oppose them on the NETWORK. Engineers are simply too influent over the system hierarchy!

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