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Silencia is a place of planar magic. This part of the continent is strongest in Elemental Planes. The elemental planes are so close that you can walk into them in many parts of the world. Silencia is also a realm of powerful magic and monsters, the gods and archfae have been known to walk among men.   The world is ruled by four main kingdoms: the Tiefling empire of Eden, The Human kingdom of Barish, the dragonborn kingdom of Schavats, and the once great Elven empire of Moondel. Recently a new empire has been rumored to be rising, however an inside source has told of upheaval already.   The world is old, but all history of the Great Elders and their era is lost; However, their magic items remain. Destroyed and scattered only a few are still useful, while other are mundane and fading some have become volatile and dangerous. the studies of these artifacts was taken up by an up and coming group calling themselves the Elder Associated Research Society or EARS. These people tend to not see eye to eye with the traditional wizards who study the eight magics.  

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Space-faring adventures in High Fantasy

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

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