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Sila isn’t a world, but a kingdom. However, due to it's isolation and odd-cultured citizens, it's as if it were another world. Populated by people known as Laidians, Sila is isolated deep within the mountains for years. Every Laidian is capable of casting a variety of spells from summoning to healing due to their innate ability to utilize celestial magic that has been with in their peoples for centuries. Sila is a fledgling civilization, in comparison to others in the world, but is progressing rapidly due to the present- and future-focused culture of its inhabitants.   Sila is headed by the Laidia, the religious and cultural leader of the Laidians. The Laidia is one who is exceptional at wielding all manor of weapon, spell, and word, and is trusted by the people to lead and inspire the greater community through anything that may cause their spirits, minds, or bodies to weaken.   The information contained are relevant to my roleplay blog. This takes place in the overall world of the League of Legends universe, and pulls many elements of that world's canon from it.