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Arugula Buns

"To make the auppel, you must pour in your sweat, your tears, your soul, your love—any less, and can you really call yourself worthy of the title of auppelier?"
- Chief Auppelier of House Helfast
  The famous staple of Laevri, City of Lords, the humble arugula bun, or auppel, is at its roots a simple steamed bun stuffed with arugula. The arugula in the center is a precious Laevrin secret, kept fresh and unwilted by generations of arugula bun culinary refinement and the unique local Laevrin herb pastes that line the cavity and exterior of the buns. Laevrin arugula buns are famed up and down the Asperalan Peninsula, yet attempts at mass-exports and corporate expansion have as of yet remained unsuccessful due to the intensive baking process and reliance on specific Delvin River herbs, and the buns have remained distinctly and purely Laevrin.   Tourists, resident nobles, and locals alike partake in the afternoon and evening auppelhour, when the arugula bun carts sprinkled throughout the city finally open after a morning of loving, laborious baking. Auppelhour at the Arthilien Marketplace is an especially delightful time, as the sheer quantity of arugula bun stands creates a delicious aroma over the square. The rich, peppery flavor of the arugula and the steaming, crackly bread of the bun combine in scent to persuade even the most adamant arugula abstainer to try a bun or three.   The well-established arugula bun carts are often run by old Laevrin families who tend to boast of having invented the Laevrin arugula bun; though these claims are conflicting and can't be verified, each of the major auppel families have ancestral bun recipes that they keep closely guarded. The majority of carts, however, are run by amateur or small-scale auppeliers uninvolved in the larger power plays and intrigue.   Both fully cooked-through arugula buns and specially seasoned buns have gained popularity in recent years, the former largely due to their relative cheapness and ease of baking, yet the original remains the favorite of locals; "faithful" locals laugh good-heartedly at the tourists and nobles who purchase "those other buns". It has also remained the most famous of the Delvin Valley leaf buns, outranking the Lilfast spinach buns, the Sadinton hemp buns, and the Warren rosemary buns in every major Laevrin poll for a decade. Those who think otherwise are typically verbally accosted by swarms of local Laevrins, so many tourist guides recommend adopting a pro-arugula stance for those visiting the city.   Though untraditional arugula buns don't keep very well, the traditional use of Delvin herb pastes both within and without the bun preserve both the bread's and the arugula's integrity (if not helping with the staleness), making traditional buns excellent rations for up to week-long trips across the countryside.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Base Price
typically 2 to 4 silver eyes

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