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Shivick Old World: The First Colonized Continent, Kartooth

Kartooth was once of the first three major colonial islands for the Taroian Alliance. That makes it one of the oldest, and most active. Near Lake Deepheart, four kingdoms rose up, all but one rules with a magician king. They lived in peace for hundreds of years, but as of late, they have mainly become simply trade routes to each other.   The cities grow rapidly, and most exchanges are peaceful, even between the multiple races in the Taronian Alliance. A new threat to the world has emerged though. Can the kingdoms band together to rid of the threat?
  A calm, computerized voice plays: "Accessing historical database for Shivick, Old World, Kartooth colonies."  
  "Database found.   Kartooth was the original colony of the Taroian Alliance. After the humans and elves agreed to band together against the orcs, they both explored and colonized lands throughout the southern Olgotha Ocean. The colony grew in peace and harmony quickly, and the peoples spread throughout the island at a rapid pace. Few troubles laid ahead of them, except in the south-western region where Nargothiax dragons made their homeland. The humans and elves were not able to advance against the beasts. Instead, the Taronians devloped their kingdoms near the Lake of Four Winds.   Alongside this lake, four separate kingdoms developed. The first kingdom colonized was named 'Kingdom of Fiery Sun', the second named 'Kingdom of the Greenlands', the third named 'the Pure Kingdom of Clean Winds', and the fourth named 'Dark Kingdom of Anarilitha'.   These kingdoms traded with each other for hundreds of years with few conflicts. Eventually, over time, they each became more independent, even from the Taronian Alliance, still dedicated to it, but mainly as traders. Each kingdom began studying different magics. They became high-magistrates, and learned techniques that were unknown to anyone else at this time period.   The colonies were prosperous and they exceeded all expectations from Taronian leadership. The trade value of the minerals and produce surpassed initial expectations.   After thousands of years, the kingdoms stuck to their own people, and the colonies in the southern region were separate as well. There still was no conflict, but also, there was little collaboration.   Eventually, a new threat arrived on Shivick. A massive force of 'Plague' landed a ship on Kartooth and began devastating the mid-west region that it landed in. The four kingdoms were so separate from the Taronian Alliance, that they did not receive any of the news in time to properly prepare for the war that was about to -----"  
"I apologize. Current database access beyond this point has been blocked to the highest level of security. Only officials with security clearance level 5 can access any documents relating to the Plague."
  "Please see bellow information to learn more about Shivick, Old World, Kartooth colonies. Thank you for using the Library of History's Old World Database. Have a nice day!"  


Kartooth is quite lacking over the vast majority of the land in regard to unique land features. That is, until you get to the Lake of Four Winds with the Morning White Mountains looming over it, or to the far south with the Mountains of Dragon-Lay. The central area is completely covered in rolling prairies and small forests. There are many streams and a few ponds, but mainly just grass. The records indicate that some areas of grass had plants over eight feet tall, spread across miles. in the south-east, a great river delta formed and brings travelers in from all over the colony.

Fauna & Flora

Flora:   Mostly prairie grasses cover the landmass. In the badlands region to the east, desert plants grow. In the mountainous areas, very few plants grow, but the ones that live have gorgeous, colored flowers. For other flora, please see specific areas on the above map.   Fauna:   The Grasslands of Light's Expanse cover most of the land, and also contain a large amount of quiet, peaceful animals. Of course, all the animals have their predators. The expanse allows for the animals to grow quite large, and the hawks and other predatory birds are large enough to eat sheep. Occasionally, a dragon or two can be seen flying around looking for prey. In the Mountains of Dragon-Lay, dragons roam the skies and prey on any and every animal, or person for that matter. For other fauna, please see specific areas on the above map.

Natural Resources

The Morning White Mountains are full of gems and metals that are converted to jewelry or weapons for the Taronian Alliance. This is a main trading source for the Pure Kingdom of Clean Winds and the Dark Kingdom of Anarilitha. Other than that, the Lake of Four Winds, along with the Olgotha Ocean are major sources for fish. The prairies in the central area are massive and are perfect for farming, which became the main source of food and trade for Kingdom of Fiery Sun and the Kingdom of the Greenlands. Along with farming and mining, hunting is also prevalent as there are many large creatures roaming the lands. A small group of brave hunters try to capture dragons or kill them for trading. Few were successful.
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