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Shirantz is a world much like earth in terms of topography and water content. The dominant species is human, though there are rumors that other sentient species once existed and still may.   The kingdom of Kharsaag is one of the largest and most powerful kingdoms on the planet and is home to a wide variety of peoples and cultures. Chief among the Kharsaag are the four main cults. The Cult of the Source also known as the Followers of the Flames. the Cult of Yiggith, also known as the Yiggithians, the Cult of Kratling, also known as the Kratlings, and the Protolocutors--the Speakers. these four cults are mainstay of everyday life and exist throughout the land of Kharsaag. They sometimes fight with one another, but are mostly peaceful in accordance with Imperial law.   The government of Kharsaag is secular, though the people running it claim one of the four cults as their religion. In recent times, the Cult of the Source has seen its station rise thanks to the current Queen being a Follower of the Flame, and there is growing concern that she will soon declare the Cult of the Source as the one true cult for all of Kharsaag. This would be a disastrous choice and change the face of the kingdom for generations.   Magic is prevalent on Shirantz, though not everyone can wield it. It is used to power lights and some machinery. Also, it is seen as a blessing from one of the four gods, though there are those who wield other magic. This is called wild magic and while it is not forbidden, it is definitely feared. Some say it was wild magic that tore open the Great Curtain and allowed the evil Valeforged to cross from their dimension into Shirantz many millennia ago.

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