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Welcome to the Sixth World! This is a guide I put together for my Gone Gaming player group to chronicle their adventures and the friends and fiends they made along the way.   It's 2057. The great dragon Dunkelzahn has just announced he's running for president, California has been swallowed by the Japanese Imperial State, and hungry manavores are invading the world through the weakening astral veil. My timeline is altered from Shadowrun's vanilla lore, and my hope is that by the time we get caught up to the 2080s, my players will have created a very different Sixth World.   First and foremost, I want my players to have fun, so the tone of my games is inspired by the dark humor and madcap moral ambiguity of Fallout and Transmetropolitan. And if my platyers want to tackle their problems like a D&D style paladin in shining armor with shineir teeth, then by Drzzt I will let them... try. But hey, the Fourth World was one of magic and high adventure. Maybe the world needs a few more heroes. Then again, maybe this world is fragged. Don't worry where your nuyen is coming from and treat yourself to those to get those neon spinners for your combat chainsaw.