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Shadow World

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The skyship trembled and began to list to starboard, her structure creaking ominously. The crew staggered and Cran leapt to the madly spinning wheel to bring some control back to the vessel. Inexorably pulled towards the Essænce vortex rising from the volcanic peak, the ship seemed doomed. Ignoring the wind tearing at his clothes and hair, Ugnan steeled himself for what he felt sure would be an awful collision between mountain and skyship. Cherry and Numal glanced at Sylke as the Erlini mage began to summon a fire-rimmed portal, a last desperate act? As the gateway materialised, Victor stoically drew Demonbane and grimly entered.   Welcome to the The Praise of Old Men. The GM ('Ancellus') and players are enjoying creating a complex story set in Terry K Amthor's Shadow World, and hope that one day it will become a saga fit for the setting. Running every Friday (work schedules permitting), this game uses the VTT application, Fantasy Grounds.

Into Tarek Nev by Georgi Minkov