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Otherlands (ˈʌ.ðɚˌlændz)

Written by pwrpffgrl

A collective of many small “other worlds” scattered all over the Earth's surface.


Varies from pocket to pocket, usually reflective of the place on Earth where the pocket was formed (and may or may not change on the occasion that a pocket moves).


Also different depending on where the pocket formed, and follows the seasonal, weather and any other cycles of their human world counterparts.

Localized Phenomena

“Echoes” or copies of the fauna – both sentient and non-sentient – in the human world have a tendency to appear and disappear in the Otherlands alongside those that are actually living there. These echoes cannot truly be interacted with, though the human world counterpart may be able to sense when you try. This can manifest as things like chills, the feeling that one is being watched, both visual and auditory hallucinations, pets staring or freaking out at nothing, and so on.   Time tends to move differently in the Otherlands than in the human world, usually slower but sometimes faster. It's much more likely that you'll return to the human world finding that far more or far less time has passed than you thought than for your experience to match “reality.”

Fauna & Flora

Magical creatures thrive in unprecedented numbers within the Otherlands – possibly due to the much higher levels of magical energy – and are thought to be able to travel from one to another without ever setting foot in the human world.


While some Otherlands have known creation histories – usually involving a very unhappy supernatural – others have existed for as long as anyone can remember, and each have their own long, unique histories.   The Otherlands are usually used as prisons for the intentionally cursed/supernaturals considered too dangerous to live among humans, as havens/hideaways for those who can't stand or aren't safe in the human world, etc.
Alternative Name(s)
The Mirror World, The Shadow Realm, The In-Between, Fairyland/Elfland, The Underground/Underworld, etc.
Dimensional, Pocket
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