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The Dawal stands on its' four legs, its' red scaly skin sparkling the sunlight from overhead. It's hooves dig into the sand scooping out buckets full and making the sand fly through the air. Eventually it pauses and sniffs at the ground. Another moment passes and the dawal lifts its head back into the air, its snout dripping with water. A rumbling moan issues from its mouth pleased with its work.

Basic Information


The dawal walks on four thick legs with shovel like hooves. These hooves allow for easily travel in the desert, but also help them to clear out sand and burrow into dunes. They also have a rather flat but top part of their head that they will use when fighting other creatures if threatened. They have a tough scaly skin that is red like their native desert home.

Growth Rate & Stages

Dawal's will reach full maturity in 3 years after their birth. The heads will become thicker and flatter with age. The flat portion is more pronounced in males, but females will have this also.

Ecology and Habitats

A wild Dawal will find water sometimes making a depression is they can smell water below the ground. They will make a burrow in the sand dunes nearby as well if there is enough of their food source. Dawal prefer the hasqus insects found underground or in their small round colonies. They are typically a wandering species following wherever the water and food are.

Biological Cycle

The dawal will shed their skin each year until their final shedding occurs and the final scale is set. Their discarded skin has been used by the Kasians to make shields and armor.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The dawal have excellent vision and sense of smell. It is believed that this developed overtime due to the spread out resources of the desert. The sense of smell is their greatest asset since they can smell a source of water even if it is underground. They will use their shovel shaped feet to dig down until the depression fills with water.


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