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A world with an origin of perfection, now is the result of a failed daemon conquest.   After the daemons were vanquished and their leader sealed in the ever storm humanity thrived. Because of the humans natural connection to the orders of elegance they were able to rise against and defeat the physically stronger races of Sengveil.   The humans of the sky continents never knew the evils and turmoil of the surface due to the loving protection of their goddess Halle Mother of Peace who was in her time one of the greatest deceivers of the Daemon brotherhood.   The humans of the surface, who see the sky through the cracks of the floating continents and are surrounded by desserts and rain-forests, grew strong not only in their connections to the order of elegance but also in advancement of technology.   The humans tyranny, magic, and technology have made them the most powerful and hated race on the face of Sengveil.

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