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Sector 12


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S-12 is a section of the milky way galaxy that is split into 3 segments, 12-C is a part of the galactic core and the enclaves shared space at the centre of the galaxy. in the middle is 12-B, Terran space where most terraformed planets and outright habitable ones are owned by the Terran union, but a scattering of planets and independent stations exist due to the relaxing of their colonisation laws in the last century, and finally 12-A, the outermost point of the Orion arm and only sparsley populated by isolationists and disgruntled people of all races.   As the union grew it found itself to be among the most powerful military forces in the known galaxy, and with the creation of the Yates-Sanderson drive, new stars could be accessed quickly and with almost no long term implications