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AT 5th session: Al-Sammara

General Summary

The group arrives to Al-Sammara , where their twin companions (Eldin and Sadiq) have their home. There is a lot to do and much gossip to hear as you explore the mix of cultures. Not a boring day goes by.   The group helps around Baco's shop, mending books and clothes, helping with the papers as the twins sell their spoils up front. Ressah hears some rumours near the administration that she relays on to her group. A night party brings Fungi closer together with some of her kind. Wendy stumbles away in a drunken stupor, but she found the next morning, safe and hungover.   Deciding that this will not do, her teammates take her to the baths, where Wendy is finally scrubbed clean after what feels like months. Exploring the city further they find some information about possible adventures to join, deciding upon a lower-key quest of serving four kanya on their way to Torkos where they might possibly discover more options in learning magic.

Rewards Granted

  • Wendy got cleaned (has inspiration on charisma checks for a while as long as she stays that way)
  • Missions/Quests Completed

  • Help at the Baco's store
  • Explore Al-Sammara
  • Leave with the kanya four
  • Character(s) interacted with

  • Sadi Baco
  • Kiki
  • The kanya four
  • Annadema Illian
  • Westla Quiaver
  • Goda Toshi
  • Mak'karu Jiyar
  • Notes

  • Discovered more about kanya culture (see Kanya towers)
  • Wendy learned more about the other worlds
  • Wendy learned about different flora and fauna around Sama-ina
  • Fungi learned to bedazzle stuff
  • Ressah learned a lot about the happenings regarding kanya's interest in Torkos
  • Report Date
    11 Dec 2021
    Primary Location
    Related Characters

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    Cover image: Street by Kou Takano


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