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AT 3nd session: Beneath the sand

General Summary

As Yowl ran away in his hyena shape, he called upon a sandstorm. Taking cover the group waited it out, ending up buried in sand, but alive. One of the two horses didn't survive the storm. The second horse got scared as it was dug out, running over the sands and missing a cliffside, splattering on the ground. Fungi, enthusiastic as ever, follows.   Nursing Fungi back to health took a lot of magic and time, but at least thanks to it, they have discovered an entrance to a buried tomb.   Entering, Wendy read through a story depicted on the wall. Enthusiastic Fungi collapsed the entrance as she triggered one of the many traps whilst opening the sarcophagus. Within it, a skeleton of a female gnoll lay with a few vials of unknown liquid.   Exploring the place, Ressah meanwhile also triggered a trap that locked her in the room with poisonous gas. Using a found jewelled khopesh, the sandstone door collapsed, barely saving her.   In a possession of the key, Ressah opened a secret passageway to the already discovered cave.   The group retraced the steps and tried another hallway which triggered a Sand Guardian that almost killed Fungi. In a flash of brilliance, the group uses the khopesh to destroy it.   Following the hallway, the party finally exits the cavern system, coming out of the canyon. In the distance, a gnoll village can be seen. Wisely avoiding it, the group follows the rarely trekked path through the desert.   For four days. Draining all their water and most of their food.   Then in the distance, an obelisk can be seen. Remembering the words, they hurry to it, seeing it covered in bloody markings. They wipe the markings off, climbing atop to see to the edge of the desert. But first, the party waits out the dune worm that made a visit. Standing still upon the platform until it decides to go away.   The group climbs/falls off the cliffs of Amut, finally putting their feet into a more fruitful soil.

Missions/Quests Completed

  • delay Zymmun's war
  • Report Date
    03 Jul 2021
    Primary Location
    Secondary Location
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