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AT 2nd session: A curious meeting

General Summary

During a sandstorm, the trio discovered a small cave. Searching through it, they found a couple of trinkets, disturbed a spider's nest, and faced off two skeletons. Later, while camping, Fungi followed a sense of magic, leading her to the jungle in the middle of the desert. Within, a lake of magical water. As the group explored the mirage, a tiger rose out of its water and spoke. Using riddles, he explained the troubles of Amut, where two forces fought for their own survival, referencing his sister and her emotional connection to the fight.  
Find the bloody obelisks. Else they will trigger a sandstorm that covers the whole desert. A nasty thing brews in Amut, and is best it be delayed for as long as possible.
— Karene
  He bids the group stop Yowl, an agent of gnoll Zymmun.   Indeed, following the road, the group ambushes the shaman Yowl and his hyenas. Killing his pets and wounding Yowl, who turned into a giant hyena and ran away.

Character(s) interacted with


  • a war was brewing within the desert of Amut for many centuries
  • it is not just a war between the gnoll and The White Fortress , but a war of genders as well
  • gnoll are being led by a bloodthirsty Zymmun (Gnoll land)
  • you are being searched for by the The Desert Spears
  • This war is making Ceciria of Bloodlines angry
  • Report Date
    02 Jul 2021
    Primary Location
    Related Plots

    Met characters

  • Karene of Dreams
  • Yowl (Gnoll land)
  • Related characters

  • Ceciria of Bloodlines
  • Akanna, the Witch
  • Zymmun

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