Kelastra is a grouping of several tiered windmill structures, each windmill boasting a host of homes, shops, walkways and decorations that loop around and inside them, like a tiered wedding cake. Each tier gets wider the lower it goes; with each windmills lowest tier being a heavily-reinforced base with support beams and imported metal plating. Each of the windmills vary in size, with the largest being the location of the governmental officials and such. Various walkways, basket-shaped pulley platforms and ropes stretch and connect between each windmill and its tiers, with the "entrance" to this vertically-raised city being a large basket-pulley platform that connects to an equal-height cliff; this basket is also the first line of defense, where if it is not lowered to allow entrance, entering the Windmill-city is nearly impossible without wings. The land around the base of the windmills is a mix of orchards and farmland, with "grounders" (avian farmers) living in slightly-elevated homes on the ground level. At the entrance of the river, between the two dipped valley walls, a wooden/metal mix dam has been built, used as both a source of energy, and defense for the inner valley, connecting to several of the windmills. The Dam itself doesn't actually block any water; it's a defensive and agricultural structure built between the valley walls with several water wheels inside, using the waters currents.
Kelastras Seal is located inside the now-enshrined first Windmill.


The larger / fancier windmills usually host the richer, "higher-class" avians, while the smaller and more function-based ones host the working-class.


Autocracy / Monarchy, Kelastra is ruled over by a Griffin species of bird; this bird species serves as both their primary ruler, and primary source of defense.


The exposed bases of the windmills are large, and heavily defended by a mixture of stone, metal plating, and several hatches and elevators allowing for quick deployment out the bottom of the windmill. The only entrance to Kelastra is via the basket platform connected to the nearby cliff, with the valley river being blockaded by a large dam-like structure.


Produces and exports a large amount of grain-based foods, vegetables/fruits from orchards (Because they live in windmills, the entire ground of their kingdom can be used for agriculture, making them the number-1 crop-based food exporters), feather-based products like pillows / quill pens, and fish from the fresh water river. Bugs are grown and used for 3 things; food source, recycling waste, and spinning cloth and clothing from their various silks and webs. Kels import high-quality sand to turn into glass, using it in a mixture of luxury items and tactical items, like spyglasses for spotting from high distances.


Windmills, open houses, walkways, levers, gears, pulleys, elevators and platforms, basic forge, agriculture, fertilizer, bridges, dams, water wheels Massive windmills that serve a multitude of uses for jobs and homes A large dam built into the valley river entrance that doesn't actually block water flow; instead it collects clean water and catches fish.


Bows and Arrows, Grains, Feather-Luxury items, Wind Power, Water Power, Bugs

Guilds and Factions

Each windmill is built around a specific purpose for the primary group living inside it; the smithy windmill has a smoke-stack shape for the forges smoke, the bug-farm windmill has several modifications to make bug husbandry easier, etc


Originally started as simple farmland, guided by the Griffin, the first windmill was built for the farmlands, which started the transition of elevation; leading to the Kel building their homes on these massive windmills, and building many more of them.


Stone and Imported metal are used for the bases of the windmills and defensive walls around the farmlands, with wood and cloth being the primary resources on / in the windmills.


Located inside of a large valley, the only access points are a large river that cuts through each side of the left side of the valley, and the cliff path that leads to the basket elevator, forming a crude bowl. The bottom of the valley has fertile land spread throughout it.

Natural Resources

Rich and Fertile land, clean and drinkable water, untapped ores, forests
3000 Kel || 1 Griffin
Inhabitant Demonym
Kels || Griffins
Location under
The Sealed Realm


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