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The Bādi People

Worshipers of the Sky

The dark skinned and blue-eyed Bādi people are a nomadic tribe who promised worship and praise to the Sky. Due to their promise they were granted speed faster than the wind like the Djinn that haunts the sandy plains and reports back to the Sky. Traveling and movement are what their lives are centered around. Most of their prayers and rituals are done while running. Those who cannot run are held and cared for in the huts built on the back of the giant scorpions that were tamed by the Bādi people.


Major language groups and dialects

Due to their constant interactions through trade and the Ābila people occasionally harboring the Bādi in their villages, the two ethnicities speak the same language. However, the Bādi people speak the Bādi dialect, or what the Ābila people call the "Slum Speak."

Common Dress code

The Bādi where long, ragged linen clothing with head and face wraps to block the flying sand caused by their running. The linen is bought from the Ābli Kingdom in return for any number of desired good, mainly meats and cactus juice or cactus dye the Bādi collected while traveling.

Art & Architecture

The Bādi people live in large tents of linen and ashwood, multiple families or whole guilds sleeping in each one. Larger, mismatched huts are built on the backs of the giant scorpions tamed by the Bādi people. These are not pretty in any way, just made to hold together while at high speeds and to keep back the sandstorms.


Gender Ideals

There are no "only men" and "only women" ideals due to the nomadic lifestyle they hold. For the most efficient life, only the strongest for each job are assigned: the best caretakers raise and educate the children, the strongest fighters protect the tribe, the smartest and most experienced lead the tribe, etc.

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