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Welcome to Sarion!


Sarion is a world of adventure and wonder, many places and parts of the world are unexplored and filled with monsters and treasure. Despite most of countries of the world being at peace, there is almost always danger as evil, monsters and dangerous cults and organizations hide and scheme in hidden places all across the world.   Sarion is in many ways a "normal" D&D world. I have almost all the monsters, races and typical tropes of a fantasy D&D world. Some things I have put my own spin on and have tried to make my own.    Sarion is my homebrew world for fifth edition D&D. It is still a work in progress and will go through many changes over time. Much of the world is still unfinished on here. I like to do things a little bit at a time, and I am constantly rewriting some articles to make sure I get them right, or if I want to add more details. I also allow my players to help me fill my world with their own places, people, organizations and other things. My world is my own design and although I have taken inspiration from many different things, it is my own.

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