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Welcome to Sariel. A land that was once rich and verdant but has now been consumed by an overwhelming corruption that has spread across the land. All that was full of life and energy that come into contact with it are twisted into something hollow, deranged and horrific.   Fleeing this corruption, people converged on the southernmost point of the continent. It didn't matter if they were good or evil. Natural enemies and allies alike gathered there. Even the undead ran from this unknowable threat. Many took boats, attempting to reach the continents far to the north or south but found their paths blocked by the inexplicable arrival of maelstorms and almighty elementals that wreck all boats attempting those routes. Other tried to escape via portals to other planes of exsistence but found their way blocked. The Astral Plane, the Shadowfell, the Feywild and even the Nine Hells themselves had severed the Material Plane to stop the Corruption from spreading.   Adrift in the universe, abandonned with nobody to save them. This southermonst tip became known as "The City" as all the warring languages and cultures could not agree upon the name. It is there that they fought one another as the Corruption moved towards. Until one day an individual rose up, known as the Overlord, he united them together and subjugated those that would not be united. He left The City to the Marquis and headed north to try to solve the Corruption but never returned.   It is now a thousand years later, it is the only home any of even the most long-lived races have ever known. It has changed drastically from those old times. Districts have risen up to seperate The City and make it more managable for law and order to be placed upon it. However, this is not a place where law and order comes naturally and crime in The City has grown exponetially. The largest of the gangs is known as the City Serpents, whose five mysterious leader's names and faces are unknown. It is in this gang that you find yourself...   You are criminal. You are selfish. You are ambitious. You are desperate. You are not heroes or villains. At the moment you are small and insignificant but the future could have all manner of surprises in store. Or, you may find youself left to bleed out in a gutter on your first heist. We'll see how things progress. I wish you the best of luck...